A Study On Employees Opinion On Various Training Method In Private Call Taxi Organisation At Chennai.

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A. Hepcy Prasanna, Dr.G.Mythili


The study is an attempt that is made to study the employee’s opinion at various training program in PRIVATE CALL TAXI ORGANISATION AT CHENNAI. For the betterment in the quality of work the employees in the organization were been given training. Some of the training methods followed in the organization were induction training, coaching, lectures, case study etc.  In order to study the objective, the data have been collected through primary survey by administrating a detailed questionnaire method. The sample size is 150 and is collected by census survey. To analyze the collected data, the simple percentage analysis, correlation and Chi-Square test were used for the research. It is observed that most of the workers are satisfied with the training provided in their Organization. Suggestions were made based on the findings.

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