A Study On Green Hrm Practices Among Employees Of Various Working Place In Chennai City

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R. Idhenya, Dr. S. Vennilaa shree


The Green HRM was a latest philosophy management depend on the movement of green related to the protection of environment. Green Human Resource Management was a important strategy for business in every organization. The concept of “green” is applied to the field of HRM. An importance of going green was promoting the cause of environmental sustainability. Green Human Resource was endorsed as the feasible use of resources among the committees of business and its policies and practices. The Green HRM includes Green Recruitment & Selection, Orientation, Training, Performance Appraisal, Compensation and Reward, Counseling, Welfare Practices. This research was an attempt which has been made to identify the practices of Green HR that are followed by the organization and their employee’s perception towards the HR practices. The data was analyzed and it is understood that Green HR practices are majorly followed by the organizations for going green.

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