Analysis of Social Media Marketing and its Impact on Higher Education Students

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Pankaj Arora, Dr Rahul Hakhu


The upgrading has highlighted the pattern of living on a fast speed and additionally this quickness has shaped a modification on our day-to-day actions and on the other hand Social Media Marketing at once created an occurrence for its augment. Haryana is one of the superior states of India and the Students of Higher Education add a lot towards its comprehension. The main objective of this study is to find the relationship between the critical factors and the impact of Social Media marketing on Higher Education Students with Age as a Dependent Variable besides Capabilities, Implications, User Friendly, Success Factors and Hindrance Factors respectively as its predictors. The study uses a survey analysis for 161students of Higher Education across Haryana. The results depict there is an encouraging correlation between User Friendly and Success Factors, Implications and User Friendly and Success Factors and Implications respectively. Further, Durbin-Watson index is 1.90, which is suitable for Social Media Marketing Model.

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