Confirmatory factorial validity for Student engagement constructs in online learning environment: A study in University of Technology and Applied Sciences (HCT), Muscat

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Anitha Ravikumar, Anupam Sharma, P.Venkata Durga Rao


The effectiveness of students’ learning depends on the perception of learning outcomes and satisfaction. Only a questionnaire with good model fit can measure the student engagement precisely. Hence, a study was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of student engagement questionnaire to find out how effective is the questionnaire used. In order to understand how well the students are engaged, an assessment tool is necessary. Exploratory factor analysis supported the similar structure from previous research. To validate the questionnaire, confirmatory factor analysis was performed. The confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the removal of some statements under the factors proved to be a good model fit. However, the study has to be further evaluated with more samples and broader population to ratify the results. The level of student engagement, as well as the correlation between demographic variables and student engagement has also been analyzed in this study.

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