A Novel Deep-learning framework for identification of COVID-19

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Anju Asokan



This paper illustrates and explains the various-target optimization as well as deep learning method for identifying the affected X-ray corona virus patients

Design /Methodology/Approach

This paper makes use of J48 decision tree approach which explains the huge attributes of the X-ray corona graphs to diagnose contaminated unhealthy people efficiently. In order to classify infected patients using corona virus pneumonia via X-ray image, the analysis has identified eleven separate releases of the converting neuronal network (CNN). The characteristics of the CNN model are also indicated by an emperor penguin and its objectives.


A broad model analysis reveals the correct percentages of the characteristics including precision, precision, recollections, specificities and F1 in the categorized x-ray photographs. Extensive test findings show that the developed technique outperforms the competing approaches with renowned performance metrics. For the Covid-19 disease radiation thoroughbred picture in real time, the suggested model is therefore useful.


Proposed architecture is novel and help in optimizing the COVID-19 screening process.

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