Task-based Language Teaching: An Approach of Learner-Centeredness

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D. Shaby, Dr. J. John Love Joy


TBLT has become a dominant approach to language teaching worldwide. It emphasizes the use of authentic language and the target language in order to complete meaningful tasks, rather than the accurate production of language forms. Tasks create contexts and opportunities that facilitate second language acquisition. It offers a platform for learners to display their skills through their efforts and develops them further. Since language learners make an effort to perform a task, they have a rich opportunity to interact with their peers. This paper displays how TBLT signifies a paradigm move from traditional teacher-centred methods of language teaching, thus giving learners an opportunity to be livelier in the language classroom. The paper also demonstrates how the role of the teacher is not diminished in TBLT: though, the teacher becomes a facilitator by the side more frequently than not rather than being a monitor.

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