Access To and Use of Public Library System and Services In Tamilnadu

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S. Mohan Kumar, Dr.G.A.Devabalagan, Mathews Stephen


Public libraries are the people’s university. Public libraries should provide the service based on equality of access for all regardless of age, religion, nationality and language. Public libraries have recognized their role to satisfy the information needs of all types of people in society. The government at the state level and national level has taken initiatives to make public libraries as an important source of information for people’s   formal walks of life. The National Mission on libraries set up by the ministry of culture has provided recommendations for the development of libraries and information centers to make public libraries equipped with information. This article describes the development of the public library system and services in Tamilnadu.  After India became independent, the first state to enact the Public Library Act was Tamil Nadu in 1948; the Act began to be effective from April 1, 1950. The Preamble of the Act clearly elaborates its objectives, as an act to arrange for the establishing of public libraries in the state of Tamil Nadu (Madras) and developing widespread rural and urban services of the Library under it. The Act has been provided with nineteen sections.

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