Educational Aspiration of Secondary School Students of Slum and Non-Slum Areas: An Empirical Study

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Samiran Kalita


Education is a basic right and a catalyst for economic growth and human development. Education is a powerful tool and it has impact on every walk of life. Educational aspiration of secondary school students is a vital issue in the modern education system. The family environment and the school environment play a significant role in influencing the educational aspiration of the students. The students living in the slum area belong to poor family background and possess low socio-economic status. The finding shows average level of educational aspiration among the students and there exists no significant difference between slum and non-slum secondary school students of Guwahati. Therefore, attention must be given to provide more educational facilities to create healthy environment and also for the all round development of children especially for the children of the backward places likewise slum areas of Assam.

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