A Study Of Digital Safety Of Women In India

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Dr. Parikshit Mahankal, Mrs. Arati Pendse, Miss Apurva Malviya, Miss Srishti Singh


In today’s world, women are working shoulder to shoulder with men, they are slowly breaking the proverbial glass ceiling and the Information Technology revolution has greatly helped in the process, however, it has also resulted in the traditional threats to the safety of women getting modified along with the time and they have now taken the ugly form of solicitation of photos, videos, unregulated call timing, digitally created financial frauds and so on, as we grapple to provide internet access to everyone, these threats have also meant that some section of the female population is hesitant to join the digital revolution, another section of women seem to have accepted the digital format of harassment as the “new normal” and yet another section of women are actively seen fighting resisting such attempts. In this paper for this study purpose, The researchers selected the 124 females and collecting the responses through a structured questionnaire method. Also from this study researcher conclude that the online fraud and harassment is increasing significantly during this pandemic situation and women's need to take safety precautions to make safe from this digital harassments. This paper intends to further explore the current situation about the digital safety of women and their views about the issues.

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