Social Media Advertising and Purchase Intention: A Framework For E-Retail Companies

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Dr. Kavita Chauhan, Faiz Rehman Abbasi


In this ultra-competitive and extremely fast-changing business environment wherein change is the only constant, even slight turbulence has the capacity to create a significant difference in the organization’s position.  If we deep dive into the past, traditional modes of advertising nearly sufficed the requirement of its time. Organizations were somehow satisfied with the reach and application of generic advertising mediums. But in the present era, the same generic and traditional advertising models seem dwarfed in terms of geographical reach, functionality, and population coverage. With the advent of social media, a minor click of a button can create ripples in the silent ocean of this humongous population. Social media has dramatically changed, and improved advertising and has taken it to newer heights. This paper will discuss the focus shift from marketers to customers as a vast segment of buyers is now present on social media. It will also share insights on social media advertising and purchase intention with a framework for e-retail companies. 

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