Perfecting Kriya-Yoga enables the Yogic practitioner to naturally attain the ordained destination

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A.V. Sekhar


A Yogi, among other primary attributes (that positively influence others), should have one basic quality, which is “lack of Conflict in mind”. A Yogi will not have ambiguity about anything that is countenanced. KriyaYoga  readily prepares the practitioner to attain the stage naturally. The paper brings out the rationale as to why “Kriya- Yoga” is a great path to be treaded and what is that the yogi accomplishes by perfecting ‘Kriya Yoga’ which is a ‘part of Niyama.  Yama and Niyama (Restraints & Virtues) which precede actual yogic practices need not be over- emphasized, as they prepare the yogic practitioner and mellow down the person and make the other angas (steps) of yoga become much easier to perform before attaining the ultimate goal.  Since Kriya Yoga is a primary yet an important part of the Yogic angas, it assumes greater significance. More and more the practitioner works on Kriya Yoga part of the Ashtanga Yoga, the yogic attributes within the practitioner become part of the personality, accomplishing which the quality of Sadhana becomes natural. The paper also touches the deeper aspects of yogic practice while unfolding the nuances of Kriya-Yoga.

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