Pre-Service Teaching Challenges of Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) Students: Basis for Pedagogical Competence and Strategic Readiness Enhancement

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Dr. Roselyn A. Ymana


One of the major educational issues concerns that of the teachers’ competence and overall effectiveness vis-à-vis pedagogy. This particular challenge could root from the teachers’ encounters during their pre-service teaching experiences and could grow vastly as a huge factor that directly influences the teaching-learning procedure. The study aimed to identify the pre-service teaching challenges faced by the Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED) students, further aiming to extract the effect of these problems across the teaching procedure. The researchers endeavoured to draw data from the narrative reports and interviews with the students, and used the textual analysis as the data elicitation technique. The result of this study showed a number of pressing issues as stated in the teaching portfolio of students. These problems are categorized as student’s misbehavior, classroom management, learning capabilities of students, unavailability of learning resources, classroom size and space, time management, and family factors. Among the challenges, student’s misbehavior rose as the major and prominent problem of the pre-service teachers. They considered it the most difficult aspect in the role of a teacher. This was verbally verified even by the seasoned teachers, who agree that some students constantly test their patience. Each of these issues has its prevailing effect that is clearly impactful to the professional development of the student-teachers; thus explaining the observable and obvious need to for a further intervention.

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