Filipino “Mukbang” Food Vloggers; A Qualitative Inquiry

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Lloyd Matthew C. Derasin, Marvin S. Canque, Al Horteza, Francis Val A. Gamboa, Cathlene Grace G. Trinidad


The study explored the Lived Experiences of Filipino “Mukbang” Food Vloggers. It gives insights into lives of Filipino food vloggers, their opportunities, their difficulties, and their challenges. Moreover, it used a phenomenological design to explore and understand Filipino mukbang vlogger’s perceptions, perspectives, and understandings regarding the phenomenon at hand. Likewise, five participants hailed from different parts of the Philippines, using purposive sampling in the selection process. The study revealed nine (9) significant themes including, (1) meeting new friends, (2) struggles in creating the videos, (3) striving for self-improvement, (4) happiness, (5) motivation, (6) positivity, (7) health problems. (8) Self-confidence and (9) self-realization. Furthermore, the study established that Mukbang vloggers experienced both positive and negative effects in their chosen path. Creating vlogs enhanced their talents and skills to give the viewers satisfaction and be artistic in producing videos worth watching. Despite the challenges they've encountered, they still make other people happy and even make friends with them. These effects drive them to move forward, be more productive with their careers, and consider them a huge accomplishment.

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