Breaking The Fetters - Resonating Feminine Voices in Bama’s and Sivakami’ s Select Novels

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Seema Satheesh, Dr. M. Nagalakshmi


Literature has always been a reflection of the society and the issues in it, it has always brought to the fore the problems in the society by means of stories, novels, plays and poems which influence the minds of the readers and make them ponder over them .It has contributed a great deal by creating a sense of awareness and realization among the readers and address their problems .Dalit literature is one such literature which has brought to the fore the trauma and suffering faced by the Dalits in their everyday lives .Dalit women writers, have to a great extent articulated the woes and sufferings of the Dalit women by means of their literary works and have strived greatly for their emancipation by stressing on  education as the need of the hour. Both Bama and Sivakami are prolific Dalit women writers who have carved a niche for themselves in the realm of literature. The present paper traces the arduous journey of their women characters who traverse through their problem -ridden lives with grit, determination and courage and overcome all odds. The manner in which these courageous women face their problems and confront them is indeed noteworthy, the fact that they manage to get a foothold in this male-dominated society is indeed worth a mention here. Each of them asserts their individuality in a unique way and make sure that they voice their disagreement in a world dominated by patriarchy.

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