Gender Divide in Pakistani ESL/EFL Teacher Motivation

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Shabana Ali, Dr. Razia Anjum, Mubina Pathan, Wakeel Ahmed Otho


Motivation is an essential construct to encourage any individual to sustain the required efforts to fulfill a specific task. Teacher motivation plays a crucial role in learners’ career achievement and professional development. There is a new trend recently have been observed in the field of second language acquisition research to study motivation towards second language learning, motivation of second language learners, the relationship between teacher and learners (BERNAUS, 2008) motivation, and factors causing teacher motivation and demotivation(Yau, 2010; Börü, 2018) in a different context and by using different research approach.

However, in the Pakistani context, research on ESL male and female teacher motivation is understudied. The current study aims to investigate the difference between male and female ESL teacher motivation in Pakistan. This research highlights the motivation of ESL teachers and the difference between male and female ESL teacher motivation by employing the quantitative research approach, using questionnaires with five Likert scale resources to examine to what extent male and female ESL teachers are motivated.

Participants of this study are 20 teachers currently teaching the English language in high secondary schools purposively selected to respond to the questionnaires. The data analyzed through SPSS software implemented descriptive statistics and an independent sample t-test. The result revealed no significant difference between male and female ESL teachers’ motivation. This research offers some insights into ESL teacher motivation and gender differences that will attend ESL teachers as a monitor for classroom implications and their self-awareness.

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