Design & Application of Standing Wave Refrigerator : An Overview

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Manash Dey, Rishav Kumar, Priya Saloni, Shubhankar Rao, Pradyuman Kumar, Mudit Sharma


In an early 19th century, Modern refrigeration techniques were introduced to the world. In the last few decades the improvisation in refrigeration technologies is very much remarkable and advanced. This paper is basically focused on the implementation of thermo Acoustic refrigerator so that we can implement a better version of the refrigerator with a higher efficiency and better coefficient of performance. For the safety of the environment we need to avoid the usage  hazardous gases like CFC, HCF i.e. the freons.

This paper describes the variation in performance of the Thermo Acoustic Refrigerator by altering the parameters of the refrigeration system. The parameters of the thermo-acoustic refrigeration system are Stack Material, Average Pressure, Temperature and Drive Ratio. By altering these parameters we can analyze the performance of the refrigerator.

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