The Governance in Al-Balqa University from the Viewpoint of the Academic Leaders

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Omer Abd. Alrheem Ahmed Rababh


This study aimed to reveal the degree of application of governance in Al-Balqa Applied University from academic leaders' viewpoint. The study community consisted of all the academic leaders of Al-Balqa Applied University, that they were (260) academic leaders 2020/2021.  The sample of the study consisted of (130) academic leaders. They were selected by the random stratified method and to achieve the study's objectives. A descriptive survey method was used. A questionnaire was developed for this purpose, consisting of (40) items divided into five domains.

The findings reveal that the degree of application of governance in Al-Balqa Applied University, from the academic leaders' point of view, came to a high degree. The field of implementing laws and regulations came first, and the field of empowerment in the last place.

To the study's findings, the researcher recommends spreading the culture of governance in Jordanian Universities and including it in academic courses.

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