Determinants of Green Purchase Intention among Young Consumers: An Empirical Study

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Dr. Mala Rani, Dr. Rajni


Human race has begun to experience the repercussions of its irresponsible actions towards environment. Since we as consumers are becoming aware of the impact of our purchases on the environment; and have started showing interest in eco-friendly products despite their higher price, companies have also responded by formulating their marketing strategy towards ‘Green Marketing’. What is more important to know is that how the younger generation looks at this problem of environment degradation. The aim of this study is to assess the attitude, awareness, perception and preferences of young Indian consumers towards the green marketing practices and the ‘green consumption’. Data were collected from 241 students pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate courses and belonging to various parts of India. Our results highlight that the young generation knows that there is only one planet, and they must not deteriorate it any further. They also understand the negative consequences of their irresponsible behavior towards their environment. Hence, marketers must devise those strategies and alternatives which are attractive enough for young consumers to make a move towards sustainable and responsible consumption.

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