E-Learning – An Elegant Source of Education During the Period of Lockdown

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Saadia Hamaz, Dr. Ahmad Firdhaus Arham, Marlisa Abdul Rahim, Dr. Manoj P K, Lesia Karpuk


In India, conventional teaching techniques are still used in classrooms, universities, and colleges, which replaced the standard context of face-to-face communication in a classroom. Although most of the education industry has begun to implement integrated education, the majority of them are still using outdated procedures. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 shook the globe, a fatal illness produced by SARS-Cov-2. It was declared a disease epidemic by the World Health Organization.  This situation posed a challenge to the entire educational institutions globally, forcing instructors to switch to an online method as soon as possible. Several educational institutions that had previously refused to alter their conventional didactic practises now have no option but to switch entirely to online teaching-learning. This essay goes into great detail on the effect of the education system in India during a disease outbreak. It goes into great depth on how India is implementing an e-learning strategy in this crucial circumstance. It also explains how to deal with the difficulties that come with e-learning.

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