Determine the Antecedents of Employee Turnover and Its Impact on selected Service Sector in Ethiopia

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Sema Ayalneh


The current investigation was focused on antecedents of employee turnover on educational institutions in East Gojjam zone and West Gojjam, Amhara Region. The purpose of the study was to Determine the antecedents of employee turnover and its impact on selected service sector in Ethiopia,on the prescribed private colleges. Quantitative and Descriptive research analysis was used and the data were quantified and described, compared, contrasted, analyzed and interpreted using these methods. While conducting this research, 123 sample respondents were selected by stratified random sampling method on proportional bases from the total population of 1120 mix of employees. The main findings of the research show cause of employee turnover are categorized as career, work environment, people, and personal factors. More specifically the most common causes are poor chance to improve skills, lack of promotional opportunities, poor chance of getting formal training, unsafe working conditions, and denial of workers ’ compensation, discriminatory practices, threat and absence of formal education. Employee turnover results in the following negative consequences on private colleges. High cost of training for new staff, diminishing productivity, competitive disadvantage, loss of customers, loss of the required return. The researcher has made the recommendations to the prescribed private colleges and the concerned policy makers.


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