Impact Of Lean Supply Chain Management Strategy On Supply Chain Performance And Organizational Productivity

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Sharad Chaturvedi, Ravi Gupt, Priti Gupta, Satish Chand Sharma


This study aims to determine the effect of the lean strategy of supply chain management on supply chain performance and supply chain performance impact on organizational productivity. The primary data collection instrument used was a questionnaire administered to a total sample of 200 managers from the Indian manufacturing industry from various segments, including purchasing, manufacturing/production, distribution/logistic, SCM, transportation, material, and operation. The convenience sampling method was used to pick the samples. Mean, logistic regression and correlation between independent and dependent variables were used to examine the data. Statistical techniques such as reliability and validity were used in the studies. According to the findings, the lean supply chain management strategy has a statistically significant connection with supply chain performance and, therefore, corporate productivity. Lean management strategy, on the other hand, is a strong predictor of organizational productivity.

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