Challenges Of Successful Women In Higher Educational Sectors In Tamilnadu

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C.Nirmala, Dr.K.Manimekalai


In this research the researcher emphasis the level of challenges of successful women. Women have always been looked as a caregiver and home keeper. Women being an image of family, they have consistently been home and have not been out in different fields of life. Ladies have assumed various parts of the family relying upon their age and spot in the family. The investigation pointed toward revealing explanations for ladies pioneers' prosperity, especially their methods of dealing with tough spots experienced in their expert and individual life, so important ideas and guidance can be gained from their prosperity to help other current or trying pioneers. To measure the perception of women leaders in the administration of institutions of higher education towards leadership capability, success & challenges on the administration of academia, and various barriers. Table 1 displays the details of the age distribution of the women from selected institutions of higher education in Tamilnadu, It is observed that 24.00% of the women academicians are having 50-55 years of age, 16.00% of the women academicians are in the age group of above 55 years, and 60.00% of the women academicians from selected institutions of higher education are in the age group of 45-50 years. There is a lack of research-based information barriers faced by women educational leaders at Indian universities in terms of existence, causes, and remedies. This has to be sufficiently integrated into the structures of institutions of higher education.

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