The dramatic great recession and stock markets: A study of world leading stock markets

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Qamar Abbas Mangi, Dr. Majid Hussain Phul, Sarfaraz Ahmed Bhutto, Saqib Munir


The period of great recession caused due to the financial burst in the global monetary system. This financial disturbance also effected the stock markets of leading countries. This study includes the stock markets of UK and USA. The study has collected the data from two stock indices NASDAQ and FTSE and used essential statistical techniques. A 17 years of time series were selected from 2003 to 2020. Results report that during the crisis period, NASDAQ100 was least affected & FTSE100 was the most affected by crisis. Moreover, post-crisis period, NASDAQ100 recovered much faster than FTSE. The results are helpful for native and international spectualors to assess the stock market indices to reap maximum return with minimal level of risk. 

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