Study of Brand Positioning Strategies, Cost & Financial Control, and Competitive Advantage among International Fast-Food Chains: Mediation Analysis Using Structural Equation Modelling

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Saifullah Shaikh, Raheela Haque, Farhan Ali Soomro, Hussain Amar, Sarfaraz Ahmed Bhutto


The objective of this study was to determine the significant causes that effect competitive advantage. Brand positioning strategies and cost & financial control considered in giving the impression of causes. Brand positioning includes various strategies, which can contribute in achieving competitive advantage. This study has determined the impact of brand positioning strategies (Quality positioning, Price positioning, competitive based position) on competitive advantage among international fast food chains like McDonald, KFC, and Pizza hut situated at various places of Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, and USA. Moreover, this study has analyzed the mediating effect of cost and financial control on the relationship between brand positioning strategies and competitive advantage. The Primary data has been collected through self-distributed and online closed ended questionnaires. The Respondents (n=264) were the managers of international fast food chains. The structural equation modelling (SEM) has been used for data analysis and hypotheses testing. The SEM outcomes revealed that brand positioning strategies significantly causes cost & financial control and competitive advantage. Moreover, it was observed that cost & financial control has a meditating effect between brand positioning strategies and competitive advantage. The timely implementation of brand positions strategies is necessary in reaping the competitive advantage.

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