Effectiveness Of Synectics Model Strategy In Relation To Conventional Teaching Of Physics Among Higher Secondary Students

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Mrs. M. Punithavalli, Dr. R. Sahaya Mary


The main objective of the study was to find out if there is any Effect of Synectics Model on Physics Teaching. The experimental method was adopted for the present study. A sample of 40 students from two schools in Government higher secondary school Chengalpattu district and Municipal higher secondary school Chennai district. Thus only 20 students were selected from each school. 25 students were considered Control group and other 25 students is Experimental group was selected randomly. Achievement tests in physics for pre-test and post-test were prepared by the investigator with help of research supervisor. Mean, standard deviation and t test was used for analysing the data. The major finding was that there is more effect of synectics model on physics teaching.

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