Lifetime Maximization Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

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K.Seethalakshmi, R. Pandi Selvam


In network domain Wireless Sensor Networks have attracted great attention for the past two decades. WSNs area unit fashioned dynamically by many power-limited device nodes and therefore the manager nodes with long lasting power. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is an essential piece of IoT, it makes billions of gadgets to share information for improving the natural client control. It have Sensors in the detecting unit estimates the actual boundaries in reality like temperature, pressure, moistness, vibration, acoustic sign, infrared, vehicular development, and so on It is regularly utilized progressively checking and following applications like military reconnaissance, horticulture, calamity the board, medical care observing, industry mechanization, stock control, and so on It is usually deployed in regions where human intervention is difficult or not possible. Energy consumption, information measure and memory are thought of as a significant issue in WSNs. This work aim is to be using a new CSA(Crow Search Algorithm)based clustering techniques has been proven the sensor node lifetime maximize and reduce the energy consumptions in WSN. With SC (Self Configurable) earlier deduction of CHs failure will reduce the data loss and leads to diminish the efficiency. Also using efficient encryption scheme based on CAT (Chaotic Arnold Transformation) algorithm to secure sensor nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks data transmission. The result of this work to improve the efficient data transmission and lifetime maximization in WSNs will conquer better performance than the existing algorithms and methods.


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