Hand Gestureand Face Recognition System For Visually Impaired People

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Mrs.K. Leelavathi, Dr.J. Krishna Chaitanya, Dr. S. Janardhana Rao


Visually impaired peoples are facing several problems to move independently, and also they need the help of others. In this fast-moving world, help to these peoples may not be possible for all the people. And recognition of peoples, through voice is also difficult in some situations. To improve the mobility of the visually impaired peopled, introduced a system simple, user friendly, and cheap. The existing systems are helpful for blind people up to some extent only. This proposed system consists of three applications, they are face recognition, hand gesture, and distance calculation. In the face recognition system, the images are taken from the dynamic video, for face recognition and object detection Haar cascade classifier and LBPH recognizer are used. While in hand gesture the convex hull is used in different features like fingertips, the angle between fingers is being extracted. According to the recognized gesture, various tasks can be performed like controlling home appliances like fans and lights. In this, another application is there that is distance calculation to alert the blind person about the obstacle nearer to them.

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