Covid Free Bus Traveling Using Raspberry Pi

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Mrs.V. Jyothi, Mr.Kota Shiva Kumar


Public transport works in excellent quality system wherever sizable amount of individuals will move at a time. Conjointly saves large traffic and fuel. This COVID pandemic time everywhere the country taking measures to unfold of virus. To run a Transport system safely and firmly bus transportation primarily faculty for varsity} and college buses. Education system has got to take needed and advanced measurements. A screening method ought to proceed which might discover the symptoms all told attainable ways that. This disaster don't over take the human or instructional life .a safe screening virus detection is developed. During this project a secure travel observance system is enforced. RF used for access the licensed individuals and hard their blood heat exploitation IR device. A camera to alert the mask covering with share. A DC motor is hooked up and GPS for pursuit and locating the vehicle. This could add each cycles that entry and exit. The data is shared to mobile application for licensed users.


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