The Percentage of the Contribution of Kinetic Speed in Some of the Complex Defensive Skills of Basketball for Young Players

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Lara Abdulridha Kreidi, Dr. Ahmed Karim Latif


The research included the introduction and its importance, and the problem is that these curricula and research devoted a large amount of their contents to offensive skills, while few of them were exposed to the defensive side and not the same amount of care and attention. Which is characterized by the performance of defensive skills with the same care and attention. Therefore, the researcher noticed the weak performance of the individual defensive skills of young players, which is accompanied by weakness and neglect of motor speed by coaches and players. The aim of the research is to know the reality of special endurance (kinetic speed) among young basketball players and to know the individual defense movements of young basketball players and to know the percentage of speed contribution Kinetics in some complex offensive skills. To achieve these goals, the researchers used the descriptive approach in a survey method and studied correlational relationships, while the research sample was represented by the players of Al-Hilla Sports Club and Al-Tadhamon Sports Club, for the sports season (2020-2021), as well as the means of data collection. After a series of field procedures represented in determining the kinetic speed that has a direct relationship with the performance of individual defense movements, ensuring the validity of the tests, conducting the main experiment, and using appropriate statistical means to process the results in a way that serves the research and achieves the goals, the researchers concluded: The kinetic speed is related to a relationship Function, with some individual defense movements, and that the increase in motor speed is accompanied by an increase in the accuracy of the performance of these skills. Knowing the reality of special endurance (kinetic speed) among young basketball players.

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