Directions For Improving Information Support For Strategic Management Accounting

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Abdunabi H. Pardaev, Umidjon U. Kostaev, Shahnoza A. Pardaeva


The article develops a set of strategic potential indicators that allow a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the strategic management system. It is substantiated and a model form is proposed to create a strategic forecast balance sheet that assesses the potential of enterprises to achieve their strategic goals. The methods for doing appropriate analytical calculations using the strategic forecast balanced, objective evaluation of the findings, and determining the causes of deviations are demonstrated.

The article proposes to consider the identification of effective ways to achieve the strategic goal through the assessment and analysis of strategic potential. For strategic purposes, it is recommended to establish a strategic development and reproduction link for the effective use of strategic potential.

It is recommended to use the methodology of fuzzy set theory for the integrated assessment of strategic competence, based on the views of economists and study of the practices, as well the characteristics of the industry. In order to establish a logical relationship, the values of the strategic potential of the state enterprise "Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine" for 2020-2024 were calculated by applying the process of defazation in the change of numerical and non-financial data in different directions.


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