To Develop Creativity In Teaching Business Students

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Yuldashova Umida Bakhtiyar kizi


In this given article teacher and student relationship is widely discussed. The more rigorously the theoretical knowledge is expressed in the teaching and the student's thinking will be clear and grow the higher the level of conscious mastery of the learning materials. The current process of reforming the education system requires young people to think independently and strive for independent learning. As a result, the learning process becomes more creative. In such a situation, the teacher should pay attention to the student's attitude to the lesson and how to behave in the process. Young people's desire to learn is a necessary and logical part of the educational process. Therefore, effective education depends on the teacher's consistent and regular interest in learning. To do this, the teacher must accustom them to a creative approach to learning, independence, diligence. This article discusses creativity of teacher to teach Business English.

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