Bioethics issues of the abortion problem in christian and islamic societies

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Lazizakhon A. Alijonova


In the last decades, along with the achievements in science and technology, morally complex issues, dilemmas also harm any form of society. The phenomenon of secularization (the process of reducing the role of religion in society) in bioethics is required to study deeper.

"Twenty years ago, it was observed that scientists began to study a philosophical-legal conception instead of a religious-medical tradition in the field of bioethics," – emphasized Daniel Kallaan. However, today, in many religious communities, for example, among Muslims, religious traditions still occupy a dominant position in the field of bioethics. In 2010-2011, international questionnaire surveys were conducted to identify important issues of bioethics in Islamic and Christian societies. This article presents the results of this study and examines the important areas of bioethics development. Also, the paper examines issues concerning religion and medicine, organ transplantation, abortion, and similar medical treatments during the globalization period.


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