Improving Strategic Cost Management Accounting

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Abdunabi H. Pardaev , Umidjon U. Kostaev, Shahnoza A. Pardaeva


The article identifies the problems of strategic management cost accounting, which are traditionally formed and used in practice. It substantiates the need to develop new effective mechanisms for cost management and cost accounting at enterprises. Based on this conclusion, it is shown that three priorities for the organization and maintenance of strategic management accounting of costs, revenues, and financial results are used in world practice.

In strategic management, it was concluded that the use of M. Porter's value chain allows companies to clearly distinguish between individual areas of activity and take into account internal and external costs in these areas and effectively manage them.

Based on this conclusion, it is proposed to divide the activities of enterprises into main and auxiliary areas for the effective organization of strategic cost management accounting. As a result, not only the costs incurred in the activities of enterprises but also all links from production to delivery to the consumer and the influence of internal and external factors on these links and the ability to account and manage the costs associated with them.

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