Socio-psychological and organizational characteristics of decision making in management

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Azamat S. Nazarov


This article presents the socio-psychological characteristics of management decision-making and recommendations to increase the performance of it. In this regard, managers must be involved in ensuring creative skills and can choose the methods of action and heuristic techniques of solving the problem in non-standard situations. These methods can serve for the successful adoption of decisions.

The decision-making of top management level managers in the examined firms is overwhelmingly reasonable. It was interesting to note that there is a lack of understanding of what intuitive decision-making is. Individuals who claim to consider both cognitive choice types – rational and intuitive – are more rational in their decision-making in practice. A reasonable option is to respect the company's rules, standards, and processes to the managers. It also involves logical thinking and making conclusions based on data, figures, and facts in a systematic, realistic, transparent, objective, and technical manner.

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