Parental and child relations as a factor leading to aggressive behavior

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Feruza F. Rasulova, Marguba M. Mirkosimova


The influence of the family environment on the child's mental and moral development is undoubtedly a very complex psychological process. The results of this process appear after psychological and pedagogical impact was implemented. It is difficult to say what factors impact the family's psychological structure because the same kind of influence on children with different individual-psychological indicators leads to different levels and directions. In this condition, without such knowledge, preventing and counteracting the family environment's negative effects on human mental development is greatly limited. Because not knowing precisely what is the cause behind a particular outcome leads to not understanding what to deal with. This article presents the psychological features of aggression formation. In particular, parenting methods were studied as one factor influencing the formation of aggressive behaviour in children. The empirical study results showed a correlation between aggression forms in children and the parent-child relationship's characteristics

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