Lingvostylistic and lingvocultural features of literary translation

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Ulugbek Yuldoshev, Muhlisa Yuldosheva


This article was devoted to literary translation's linguistic, stylistic, and linguocultural features by analyzing Uzbek folk anecdotes' translations into English by Marilyn Peterson, Idris Shah, and Ruslan Khakimov. Linguistic and stylistic features of literary translation included the original and translated texts' methodological features, reflecting stylistic means used in the original text in the translated text. In the research, the collection of B. Sarimsakov and F. Yuldasheva's "Afandi anecdotes" and their English translation variants were analyzed, including 770 anecdotes. Descriptive, comparative-typological, transformational, component, semantic field analysis, and lingvostatic methods were used in the study. This article also discussed translation strategies used to translate stylistic devices and translation transformations used to translate national-cultural lexical units into the target language. Finally, the results and conclusions of the linguostatistical analysis of the research were presented.

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