Aspects Of Non-Profit Stem Education System Creation For Industry 4.0 In Uzbekistan

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Sanjar Mirzaliev, Mansur Sultonov, Ulugbek Khalikov, Gulmira Samandarova, Khusniddin Mirzajonov


The paper analyses the role of modern human resources in creation of suitable education system for the fourth Industrial Revolution. As companies in Uzbekistan are beginning to embrace Industry 4.0 elements, such as automation and digitalization of agricultural sector of economy, there is a strong need of hiring new generation of talent with solid background in computer programming skillsets and digital culture. Main challenge facing successful implementation of Industry 4.0 in agricultural sector is the lack of talent and absence of staff training. In this regard, organization of non-profit STEM higher education institutions in Uzbekistan are key in digital transformation of the industry in the region.


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