A Factorial Study on Migrated Women from Rural Bihar to Kolkata

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Talukdar, Deblina,Mete, Jayanta. Dr.


Objective: Migration is regarded as the survival strategy for human civilization. The participation of women in migration depends on the social roles of women, their autonomy and capacity to make decisions, their access to resources, and the existing gender stratification in countries of origin and destination.  When practices or policies in the country of origin discriminate against women by, for instance, limiting their access to resources or educational opportunities, or by hindering their political participation, the capacity of women to participate fully in society and contribute to it is reduced. The prime focus of the study to determine the factors which has major influence on the women from Bihar that results the migration. This factor has been segregated into push and pull factor that driven Bihari women to migrate from their native place to Tangra in Kolkata and they have settled their habitant in the midst of slum area.

Method: The study is descriptive survey method where self-made 5 point Likert Scale tool has been constructed by the investigator where primary data were collected from the respondents. It refers to that data which is collected for a specific purpose from the field and are original in nature. Secondary data was collected through various web sources and expert opinion, various text books, websites, journals, dissertations, etc. The data were analyzed by using “Factor Analysis method” through SPSS software.

Result: The findings of the study revealed that it is the pull factor which contributes the major impact on variance and high Eigen value with 84. 691% of forced pull factors. The major factors constitutes better job opportunities, known relatives and friend, high women participation rate, better standard of living and scholarship and grant opportunities in education for girls.

Conclusion: The study help us to understand the situation of women from Bihar and the major cause of migration to slum area of Kolkata. Their main motivation that works is the deprivation of economic opportunities in their origin state, while the destined place supports their economic factors with major opportunities in the different sectors with variation in working style.

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