An Optimum Approach to generate Unit Hydrograph using various Geomorphological techniques: An Immense Review

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Abhishek Agrawal, Dr. Basant Kumar


This paper critically analyse the popular flood hydrograph modelling techniques which are used for gauged and un-gauged basins to develop Unit hydrograph (UH) and Synthetic Unit Hydrograph (SUH). Under the present study, various models have been referred. Different data were collected and with the help of hydrologic modelling software, Geomorphological model was tracked down, which is most useful and intriguing to generate the essential data for unit hydrograph and flood forecasting as well. The study shows that system developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Centre (HEC-HMS), hydrologic modelling is highly accurate and helps in restricting the job of the calibration and validation parameters and saves a lots of time.

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