Faculty Performance in the Delivery of Modular Teaching during the CoViD-19 Pandemic

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Veronica C. Balbin , Romiro G. Bautista , Magdalena L. Guinumtad , Arben Gibson G. Camayang


Determining faculty performances in this time of pandemic is paramount to assuring quality teaching and learning in the academe. This study is designed to determine the students’ satisfaction along the quality of the modules prepared by their teachers at Quirino State University and their teachers’ support to their learning under the modular teaching modality.  It also aimed at documenting the experiences of students in undergoing modular teaching modality.  Using the Mixed-method design, particularly the cross-sectional survey design and narratology as points of inquiry, the following are known: (1) the prepared modules are good; however, the informants claimed that they found difficulty in processing the modules because of the intricacies of the concepts and tasks; (2) the teachers’ support is good. The informants claimed that teachers provided GCs that helped them connect and curate their learning conditions as they exchange discussions with their teachers and classmates. However, the informants found difficulty in connecting to the internet; (3) students are very satisfied on the quality of the module and teachers support; however, teachers may consider conducting ‘kumustahan sessions’ with their students – a session designed in building rapport, provision of counseling activities, and establishment of acquaintances among teachers and students.  It is suggested that the teachers may revisit their modules to simplify their presentations and make things guided to fully attain that modules are self-paced learning kits. Teachers may also consider recording videos to model difficult topics so students can view them how to resolve and process as the face-to-face modality is not yet permitted.

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