Analysis Of Regional Inequality In The Province Of South Sulawesi

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Imelda Widjaja, Deddy T. Tikson, Rahmadanih


This paper proposes to analyze the inequality of economic development between regions in South of Sulawesi in 2010 - 2019 by using the Williamson Index. Equipped with a descriptive analysis to describe the supporting sectors of the economy in South Sulawesi Province.

By using the Williamson Index, the results show that the level of Regional Inequality in South Sulawesi in 2010 - 2019 is highly about 0.639. But if the city of Makassar is excluded from the measurement, the number dramatically decreases to 0.285. This is indicated that Makassar City is the cause of the high level of Regional Inequality in South Sulawesi. The reason is that the economic structure of Makassar City has been dominated by the manufacturing sector, not by the agricultural sector, compare to the other regions. In total, the economy in South Sulawesi is supported by four main sectors of business, there are Agriculture (21.14 %), Wholesale and Retail Trade (14.71 %), the Manufacturing Industry (13.84 %), and the Construction sector (12, 13 %). The Large and Retail Trade Sector contributed 20.46 % to the Provincial GRDP, while the manufacturing sector contributed 18.31 %. In fact, the agricultural sector is only 0.48 %.

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