Narrative Structure Asweapon In Deciphering Human Life: A Study Of Amitav Ghosh’s Select Novels

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r. Shanthi, M.A, M.Phil. Net, dr. V. Srividhya, M.A, M. Phil., Ph.D.,


Human life in today’sinnovative worldis filled with curiosity, angst and will.The freedom that human cultivates in action is thesupport that helpsin transcending miserable life conditions for better existence. At times unconditional freedom lands human life in existential crisis and oneneeds to suffer forthe decisions of his own. The past sufferings present its implicationsin the present and every decision, passes through the dreadful past. As Amitav Ghosh’s writings always try to instigate better human survival, his skilled narration with many additional techniquesmakes conscious efforts to add knowledge to human consciousness.Is clinical therapy the only way to recover from dilemma?Do fictional works that insist on the above facts cannot enhance human understanding on existence?The present paper focuses on Amitav Ghosh’s novels The Glass Palace and The Ibis Trilogythrough which he attempts to enhance the human mind in the battle of existence.

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