Diasporic Perception in Amitav Ghosh’s The Circle ofReason

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V. Sudhandra Devi, M.A, M.Phil, Dr. V. Srividhya, M.A, M. Phil., Ph.D


India has produced many talented writers who serve as a source inspiration to the imminent generation. The writers give us a picture of Indian society and they also cover different issues including the various problems faced by Indian people.The scattering of populations and cultures across various geographical places and spaces examines the diasporic study.Theglobal Indian diaspora today plays a significant role in the socio-economic and political sphere of the host countries. The International Organization for migration provides a broad definition of Diaspora as “members of ethnic and national communities who have left, but maintain links with their homelands”. The term Diaspora conveys the idea of transnational populations, living in one place, while still maintaining relations with their homelands. The research paper emphasizes the diasporic view through the characters in the novel.Amitav Ghosh highlights the dislocation of people because of depression and existential rootlessness in his debut novel The Circle of Reason (1986).The disturbed mental condition of the displaced immigrants weaved throughout the novel.The characters in the novel are forced to accept the cultural displacement, but the state of migrants remains problematic as they are just not able to delete the memory of their native land from their mind.Amitav Ghosh undertakes a journey of exhuming reasons for the diasporic consciousness of human beings through his novels.

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