The Provisions of Financial Transactions for the Refugees: Case of Syrian Refugees in Turkey

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Ayman Khamis, Dr. Azahar bin Yaakub


The study discusses a very important topic at the moment, which is the extent to which Syrian refugees in Istanbul need to develop financial transactions provisions to help refugees adapt to the new reality, especially in terms of financial transactions that affect their daily lives and which they find difficult to implement. The importance of research lies in the identification of many jurisprudential issues in the field of financial transactions, the need to develop governance in them based on necessity, so that the refugee can adapt to his new reality without embarrassment or difficulty. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher adopts the qualitative approach. In addition, the researcher uses interviews to collect data. The most important findings of the study are: the need to strive for renewal in financial transactions, and the need to develop the financial dealings jurisprudence of refugees in accordance with contemporary developments and to put them in a new state of affairs. The study also contributes to the clarification of some of the rulings and fatwas in the field of buying and selling, and the banking transactions that concern the refugee. The study is the first building block that was developed by the researcher in this broad field, which is called the refugee jurisprudence. It therefore recommends the completion of research in all areas of concern to refugees and the establishment of a comprehensive encyclopaedia of jurisprudence that will always be their reference in all areas. Facilitation, awkwardness and the adoption of human necessities and needs taking into account the complete juristic rules of the Shariah are all adopted, as was the case during the examples given in his research.

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