The effect of emotional dimensions in contemporary Iraqi painting

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Hayder Abd Aljabar Naji, Dr. Hamid Khudhair Hussein


    The importance of the research came in that it lays the foundations for a phenomenon that draws attention in the field of contemporary Iraqi art, as it requires revealing its psychological and emotional dimensions first, and its aesthetic activities in artistic achievement secondly, through investigation and research in it academically, in order to take note of its artistic features and its intellectual and aesthetic references, the goal of the current research Identifying (the impact of emotional dimensions on contemporary Iraqi painting) and the problem of the current research arose in an attempt to find out: - What is the effect of emotional dimensions on contemporary Iraqi painting through the achievements of the contemporary Iraqi artist for the period (2003-2001) to study artworks from contemporary art drawings in Iraq, either The theoretical framework included two topics, the first (the concept of emotion, its nature and mechanism of action) and the second (the references of contemporary Iraqi art), and the research ended with a number of conclusions, the most important of which were:

1 - The emotional dimension has been closely linked to artistic work throughout the long history of art as a value that achieves a form of spiritual communication between man and himself and between him and others.

2 - The form of contemporary Iraqi painting is an appropriate way of expressing the human self, embodied through the simultaneous ability of the artist and the recipient to interpret, compose and reflect on the formulation of ideas and forms.

3 - Emotion in the diversity of its forms dominates the lines, shapes, colors and contents in contemporary Iraqi painting to express the emotional dimensions and the emotional state that appears in the overall effect of the idea towards a specific goal or purpose with emotional dimensions that the painter aims at.

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