COVID – 19 and Cyber Crimes: Developing Insights by Qualitative Inquiry of Global Cases

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Aastha Verma


The Internet has renovated the way business is done in India. This is especially true in the current pandemic scenario. COVID -19 has increased the dependence of business on digital mode. E – Commerce is growing like never before. Indian e-commerce market is predicted to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of now. This may be attributed to increasing internet and smartphone penetration. At the same time there are many security concerns involved in E-Commerce system posing threat to both buyer and the merchant. Cyber safety has become a constant and mounting issue as new Internet-based technologies and applications are developed. Therefore, the present paper makes a qualitative attempt to prepare a guiding framework to deal with possible security threats and for achieving the same, this paper investigates a number of case studies at globe level.  A detailed combined analysis of all the cases synthesizes a suggestive guiding framework for the customers, merchants, researchers and policy makers. In order to investigate the big literature (Case Studies), this research uses qualitative data analysis software for generating a protection framework. This helps on going digital businesses and is potent to avert a security threat.

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