Managing Interpersonal Relations

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Dr. Sachin Sadashiv Surve


Interpersonal relations are very important for every human. No one is self-sufficient. Accomplishment of the goals of our life, our success depends upon the support, cooperation and goodwill of our family, friends, colleagues and staff. Caring and sharing are obvious feelings and necessity for any individual. 

Having healthy and positive interpersonal relations can motivate us, make us happy and support us to achieve our goals. On the other hand, having negative or unhealthy relationship can break us, destroy us, make us sad and demotivate us. 

It is really interesting to understand, the impact these relations can have on us. We all know the result of having healthy relations, still many people have problems with interpersonal relations. It is observed generally that we make issues with behaviour and attitude of people. These issues and unsatisfying relations unnecessarily stress us. It affects our mind and body. It leads to depression as well as physical and mental illness.

Our relations will always have very strong impact on every aspect of our life, personal, social as well as professional.  It builds trust. One has to have good communication to build good relationship.  Hence, for a happy and successful life it becomes essential to learn to manage interpersonal relations. Interpersonal relations include not only IQ, EQ but also SQ.

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