New Dimension of Education: Putting Education in “Educational” Apps

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Dr. Anshu Mathur, Dr. Jipsy Malhotra, Dr. Priyanka Singh Niranjan


We have started using smart devices, new technologies, gadgets, apps, and multiple systems and services available over the internet long back (Kolâs, L., Nordseth, H. &Munkvold, R.,2016). Technological advances have changed the educational system to an extent, especially since the shift took place due to COVID pandemic.Sruthi, P. and Mukherjee, S. (2020) have stated that, in the past e-year when education was on its digital vigor we have transformed a lot, but this shift has also brought about new concerns like; usefulness, what, how and when related to available applications. Present research attempt to identify the use of educational apps among secondary school studentswith the help of survey method. Data collected from 116 secondary school students and analyzed, presented in percentage. Data reveals the usefulness of educational apps in learning process.

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