Investigation On Information Technology's (It’s) Role In Indian Universities Academic Libraries

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Hemant Sharma


In India, Information technology (IT) has revolutionised organisational information activities in research and academic libraries.  India has the third largest university system, after the United States and China. Academic libraries and information centres serve as important sources of valuable records that aid in meeting society's information demands. In modern settings, these centres are frequently outfitted with cutting-edge IT tools to help in information acquisition, dissemination, and access to resources housed in remote archives that were previously unavailable. To this end, it is impossible to emphasise the role of IT in university libraries in India in serving their clients' scholarly needs. Space availability, technological know-how, skilled IT labour, finance, and maintenance culture are all factors to consider while establishing fully working IT compliant libraries. Following these considerations, the perception of IT resources and the availability of proper training for prospective users of these tools could offer substantial issues. Finally, this research paper discusses a number of issues that may have an impact on the full deployment of IT services in academic libraries. As a result, it is suggested that study be conducted to discover which of these characteristics play the most important roles in the transition from a paper-based system to a completely automated IT-driven academic library.

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