A Study On Differences Of Opinion Based On Socio-Demography Of Social Entrepreneurs With Regard To Social Entrepreneurship Variables

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Poornima, A., Dr. Rajini, G.


Social entrepreneurship is both an evolutionary alongside revolutionary concept. It has evolved over year after year as a “hybrid” organisation combining enterprises making profit and enterprises operating in a service mode,  while also providing innovative methods and notions for generating additional worth for everyone – the purchasers, the enterprise initiators, and over all community. Primary Goals of social entrepreneurship is to maximise worth for everyone included in the ecosystem. Objectives: To analyse the difference of opinion among social entrepreneurs based on socio-demography and social entrepreneurship variables such as social vision, Social innovation, Sustainable development and network. Methodology: Purposive sampling method was adopted to collect data through telephonic interview. Data Analysis: Reliability and analysis of variance was carried out to meet the objective by using SPSS 24.0. Findings: The opinion regarding Social vision and social innovation of the entrepreneurs varies based on the location and social vision varies based in the type of social enterprise registered. Implications: Social entrepreneurs in rural location should be given training to disseminate their vision which helps to network and innovate for sustainable development.

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